I’m not that surprised by Keith Olbermann’s suspension. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Olbermann’s suspension turned into a termination. Its Phil Donahue all over again. However, that might not be such a bad thing if Olbermann, Ratigan, Donahue, Maddow, Cenk, and Ed Shultz were to start their own online news channel. The most successful people on the Internet are television personalities anyway. They would also be free not to adhere to some brain dead objectivity standard in a world where Fox News openly endorses the openly fascist Republican Party (Old fashioned jack booted fascists by the way.) Keith Olbermann could also lead the online television efforts of, say, a Firedoglake…more on that thought later…

Even if Keith were to survive this latest hit I can’t imagine him and the rest of the progressive anchor team surviving Comcast and the new ownership. I think tweety and the Last Word guy will be fine. This brings me to an important point I’ve always wanted to make but lacked a proper opportunity: Chomsky and Herman’s Propaganda Model. Or this is why no liberals are ever ever allowed on your television.

You can read about this theory here: Manufactured Consent.

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